Call Your Local Representatives – Tell Them To Fix Our Roads

In support of the Fix Our Roads Coalition, considerable progress is being made in mobilizing the transportation industry and raising awareness among our stakeholders and the California legislators.  Collectively, our agenda this year has been to secure permanent dedicated transportation funding to meet state and local government transportation maintenance and preservation needs. Although progress has been made in the face of this funding crisis, we are currently at a critical time during the Special Legislative Session on Transportation to get things done and working together to achieve our goals.

The Governor, in calling the Special Session on Transportation, identified $59 billion as the cost to address deferred maintenance on state maintenance − and, at the local level, an additional $78 billion has been identified as necessary over the next 10 years in order to adequately maintain our roadways and infrastructure. Transportation California, the California Alliance for Jobs and other coalition members, which includes a broad range of local government, business, association and labor stakeholders, have outlined necessary priorities and funding sources we believe should be the basis for legislation addressing this critical issue for California.

Now is the time to act. Please take time to make phone calls − reach out to your local State Senators and Assemblymembers directly – and ask for their support for a solution to California’s transportation infrastructure funding crisis.  We need to push for a comprehensive solution on a transportation finance bill!

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