Californians deserve a quality transportation system



Our Mission

To develop adequate, dedicated and sustainable funding to properly maintain California’s transportation infrastructure and build the transportation system of the future.

Civic leaders, business leaders, labor leaders, and media throughout California agree: It’s time to bring our long-neglected transportation infrastructure into the 21st Century to meet the demand for mobility.

​Transportation California is doing something about it. Our efforts to create new funds for transportation and prevent state borrowing of those funds for non-transportation purposes has put Transportation California in the forefront of transportation advocacy.

Who We Are

Transportation California is a diversified, non-partisan, non-profit coalition representing a broad spectrum of business, labor, and local agencies which have united to create the state’s leading transportation advocacy and public education group. Founded in 1990, today its member companies and groups account for more than 200,000 California jobs.


Why This Matters

In the last 10 years, vehicle travel has grown 10 times faster than new lane capacity. Pavement conditions are rated the worst in the nation, and our transportation investment shortfall is nearly $ 150 billion. California ranks last in the nation in highway spending per capita.


Wholesale trade and transportation is our state’s largest economic sector. The Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach is the nation’s largest shipping hub. Our roadways annually carry 1.3 billion tons of freight, more than 12 percent of the national volume, and Californians travel over 300 billion miles each year on the state’s roads.


California needs a first-class transportation system, but, without adequate investment, our infrastructure will only deteriorate over time and with growth and use.  Californians, who spent an average of $762 a year on road-related repairs, will be forced to spend even more; congestion, which costs Californians 93.7 million unproductive hours a year, will only increase; our air quality and environment will only be further degraded; and our ability to move goods from our ports and throughout our state will only decline.

With a sufficient and adequate investment, we can increase safety on our roads, reduce congestion, improve the movement of goods and freight, enhance our environment, and create tens of thousands of jobs.  For example, each $1 billion in investment creates 18,000 jobs.  Increased ease of movement means more time for families, cleaner air, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.  The lifeblood of our economy lies in the strength of our transportation system.  That is why this matters so much.






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June 29, 2018

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