Transportation California is a diversified, non-partisan, non-profit coalition representing a broad spectrum of business, labor, and planning agencies which have united to create the state’s leading transportation advocacy and public education group. Founded in 1990, today its member companies and groups account for more than 200,000 California jobs.

We have:

Played a leadership role as part of the Fix Our Roads Coalition to advocate for the passage of SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act, and ACA 5 which will generate $5.2 billion a year for investment in our transportation system

Leading the effort as part of the Fix Our Roads Coalition to implement SB 1 and protect it against efforts to repeal it.


  • Led the continuing effort to preserve transportation funding in the State Budget in the face of unprecedented fiscal crises in California​​

  • Partnered with the California Alliance for Jobs in 2006 to win overwhelming approval of Proposition 1A to safeguard transportation funds and Proposition 1B

  • Taken the lead in passing Proposition 42 (sales tax on gasoline) to increase funds for transportation projects and spearheaded the Fund. Prop. 42 Coalition in 2004 and 2005

  • Helped pass Proposition 2, a measure which prevented diversion of gas tax funds

  • Supported passage of AB 1012 to expedite delivery of transportation projects

  • Led the fight for Proposition 192 to support earthquake retrofitting

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