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In fighting California gas tax, national Republicans see rallying point

June 29, 2018

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Broad Coalition of Public Safety, Local Government, Business, Labor, Environmental and Transportation Advocates Vows to Defeat Transportation Funding Repeal Ballot Measure

Partisan ballot measure would repeal historic transportation funding package (Senate Bill 1) and jeopardize thousands of road safety, congestion relief, public transit and other transportation projects already underway throughout California.


Sacramento – Leaders of the Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements announced it would mount a vigorous and well-funded campaign to defeat the ballot measure to repeal Senate Bill 1 – the Road Repair and Accountability Act – should it qualify for the ballot. Partisan politicians today announced they have submitted signatures to counties in attempt to qualify the repeal proposition for the November ballot.


The ballot measure proposes to repeal more than $5 billion annually dedicated to road safety improvements, filling potholes, repairing local streets, freeways, tunnels, bridges and overpasses and public transportation investments in every California community. Road safety and transportation improvement projects are already underway across the state using these new revenues.


“Already, more than 4,000 local transportation improvement projects throughout the state are either underway or planned, and this destructive ballot measure would halt this progress dead in its tracks,” said Robbie Hunter, president of the State Building & Construction Trades Council. “We cannot and will not let reckless partisan politicians jeopardize this historic progress.”


In his January State of the State address, Governor Jerry Brown made a strong commitment to protect the new transportation improvement package: “The funds that SB 1 makes available are absolutely necessary if we are going to maintain our roads and transit systems in good repair. I will do everything in my power to defeat any repeal effort that may make it to the ballot. You can count on that!”


“According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were more than 3,500 roadway fatalities on California roads in 2016,” said Doug Villars, president of the California Association of Highway Patrolmen. “This ballot measure would jeopardize public safety by eliminating funding for vital highway, road and bridge safety improvements across California. It’s dangerous and must be defeated.”


“Every community across California is already benefiting from this much needed funding that will improve the condition and safety of our local streets and roads,” said Carolyn Coleman, executive director of the League of California Cities. “Cities have thousands of local transportation projects already in the pipeline that will make our roads safer and our commutes better. We have an obligation to every citizen and California driver to defeat this initiative.”


The campaign in support of the repeal is being funded almost exclusively by Republican politicians and the California Republican Party.


“California voters understand that our roads are a mess, our freeways and major thoroughfares are among the most congested in the nation, and Californians spend too much time stuck in traffic away from family and work,” said Michael Quigley, Executive Director of the California Alliance for Jobs. “We’re confident the voters of California will opt to protect funding for local transportation improvements by rejecting this ill-conceived measure.”


“California’s roadways are unsafe, congested and falling apart, and this ballot measure will only make our roads worse,” said Matt Cate, Executive Director of the California State Association of Counties. “We will wage a comprehensive campaign to ensure voters understand that approving this measure will only mean unsafe roads, longer commutes and more hazardous road conditions.”


“This measure would rob billions of dollars for improvements to local public transportation systems to relieve traffic congestion, reduce air pollution and enhance mobility for Californians,” said Joshua W. Shaw, Executive Director of the California Transit Association. “Any way you look at it, it’s a bad deal for California.”



The Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements will educate voters in coming months about the importance of supporting Prop 69 and opposing any efforts to repeal SB 1.


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