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In fighting California gas tax, national Republicans see rallying point

June 29, 2018

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Measure to repeal the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 qualifies for the November Ballot.

Initiative would eliminate funds necessary to repair our crumbling roads and infrastructure.


SACRAMENTO — “It is unfortunate that those playing partisan politics to try to save their majority in the House of Representatives would put the people of California at risk of losing the funding for 5,000 projects to fix and improve our transportation system and damaging our economy, our environment, and public safety,” said Roger Dickinson, Executive Director of Transportation California, “However, we are confident that as people realize that bridges won’t be repaired, potholes won’t be filled, transit service won’t be expanded, and jobs won’t be created if the initiative passes, we will be successful in defeating it.”



Transportation California is a diversified, non-partisan, non-profit coalition which have united to develop solutions, grow our economy and enhance our quality of life. Transportation California has advocated for three decades on behalf of greater investment in our transportation system and improved mobility for people and goods in California. Visit


We are a member of the Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements. Learn more at:



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